Tour trough vouchers and discount codes

Tour trough vouchers and discount codes

When you want to use vouchers or discount codes this page will inform you about all possibilities in Recras.


Vouchers can be used by customers to book a ‘free’ product. A customer that has a voucher can use this for payment for one ore more products. This can be used during online booking or at the counter. Vouchers can also be sold at the counter or online.

Vouchers are mostly used in these scenarios:

  1. Gift voucher – To surprise someone with for example one hour bowling.
  2. Out of goodwill – It can happen in many cases a group is a person short. In this case you can choose to give a voucher instead of a refund.
  3. Multi ride card – For customers that repetitively come back for the same activity like water skiing, climbing or rental it can be useful to create a voucher that can be used as a multi ride card. Recras keeps track of how many times it has been used.
  4. Cancellation due to weather conditions – When you need to cancel a booking because of bad weather you could choose to offer the guest a voucher. With this voucher the guest can do a new ‘free’ booking.
  5. Partners– There can be local partners like stores or lotteries that have promotions. If you have a collaboration with these partners you can create multiple vouchers at once so the partner can hand these out.

Discount codes

Discount codes give a certain discount over a booking. Discount codes or mostly used for marketing and promotion. A discount code can be redeemed in on online booking and by staff at the counter. It can be useful for more visitors in low season.

Discount codes are quite simple. You only need enter:

  • Fill in a random discount code.
  • Setup a validity date.
  • The discount percentage.
  • Choose the package on which the code can be used.

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

Discount codes

  • Click on theĀ  admin page for discount codes.
  • As you can see there are already some discount codes setup.
  • If you book one of these package and use a valid discount code you see the discount will be redeemed.

Interested in our system?

Are you interested in our reservation system and would you like to know what Recras can do for you? Let us know!