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When you have implemented Recras correctly nothing can go wrong. On this page we will explain how this works and what reminders and notifications will make sure you are always on track.

Reminders to your customers

Expired options / quotations

Once you have send a quotation to your customer you expect a reply before the quotations gets expired. However there will be customers that will not reply in time even though they still might be interested. That is no longer a problem with Recras since you will be automatically reminded with a blue button on your home screen and the reminder will be send with just one mouse click. After a set number of days the booking will show up again if it is is still not confirmed.

Expired invoices

For invoices that are not paid in time the same applies as with expired bookings. With just one mouse click the reminder will be send.

Automated mailings to customers

Before the customer is visiting

It can be useful to send out an email before a customer is visiting. For example to notify them about diet wishes, payment conditions, clothing advice or travel directions. This will make sure that the customer is good prepared and there will be no surprises.

After the visit

It is also possible to setup an automated mail after the visit. This can be useful for an evaluation/review or an offer for the next visit.

Notify staff

The staff planning in Recras can be linked to the number of bookings. Is there a large booking? Recras will automatically make sure that extra staff will be planned. For regular shifts for example at the counter it is also possible to create repetitive shifts that are not depending on the number of guests.

Staff will be notified automatically

Each morning Recras wil check if there is a staff member that needs to be informed about a shift. For example if you have planned someone for a shift but it still needs to be confirmed, Recras will send an email to the staff member that he or she has to confirm the shift. Also changes in begin and end times of the shift will automatically be sent to the staff.

iCal for staff

An iCal is an online agenda which can be linked to your own online agenda. Every staff member can create an iCal in there own way and add them to there own digital agenda.

Keep suppliers informed

Recras is really good in keeping suppliers informed. This makes it nearly impossible that the supplier does not do what is expected from him even though you might even not have contact with the supplier.

Here are some types of ‘external suppliers’ that are used the most:

  • Catering companies– supplier of (for example) barbecues.
  • Restaurant –  where a group can eat after the activity.
  • Transport company– transport of the group from ant to the activity.
  • Event rental– for renting special equipment.
  • Bike rental– for renting bicycles.
  • Group accommodation or hotel – for booking an overnight stay.

Automated mails to suppliers in case of changes in the booking

As soon as the booking has a status where something has to be arranged (options, reservation, confirmed) Recras can send an email to the supplier (this is a setting for each supplier). From the first email Recras will keep the supplier informed about he progress of the booking. If there are any particularities like diets of the exact location where to place bouncing castle Recras will automatically inform the supplier.

This email can have the following information:

  • A new booking
  • A cancelled booking
  • An adjusted booking

Recras will always send all relevant customer and booking details.

Reminder to suppliers

It could be that the supplier would like a reminder a few days in advance. Especially suppliers where you do not place many orders can find this very useful. In this case you are sure that the supplier will not forget.

Login page for suppliers 

It is also an option to let the supplier login. Especially suppliers that receive a lot of order can benefit this solution. The supplier will only see the parts of a booking where he/she is needed.

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

Here are a couple of overviews

Interested in Recras?

Are you interested in Recras and do you want to know what Recras can do for your company? Please let us know!