Tour quotations and invoices

Quotations and invoices

Send a complete and custom quotation and/or invoice yo your customer within a minute.

Within Recras you can quickly and easily send quotations and invoices to customers. You can create a manual  booking in Recras, but bookings can also be created directly from your website. When a customer fills in a contact form the data comes directly in Recras in the correct way.


As soon as a customer fills in a contact form you will receive a notification on your home screen in Recras.

When you click on the customer name the customer page will open. Here you will find the contact details of this group and the chosen activity.

Availability check

Recras is always checking you availability. If you place a booking accidentally on a moment where you are already fully booked Recras will give you a warning before sending the quotation. If possible you can adjust the booking so you can send the quotation either way.

Send quotation

Below the booking you see the quotation and proposal buttons, behind each button there is a template. This way you can send a beautiful quotation with just one click. You can create an unlimited amount of these buttons. You have the following options:

  • What will be the status op the booking?
  • Do you also want to send a PDF attachment?
  • Do you also want to send an invoice and off what percentage?
  • Does the customer have the possibility to give online acceptance?
  • Will you attach an iCal?
  • Will you attach the term and conditions?

When you click on option in the example, the e-mail and PDF will be generated based on the chosen activity and program.

If the customer wants to play archery there will be added custom text regarding archery and if the customer chose a barbecue then the barbecue will be presented. You can make these quotations as nice and extensive as you want.

Automated mails

In Recras you have the option to send out an automated mail on a set days in advance of the booking. Here you can give a summary of the agreements or mention important points of attention like

In Recras kun je instellen dat er een aantal dagen voordat de boeking plaatsvindt een automatische mail wordt gestuurd met hierin nog even een samenvatting van de gemaakte afspraken of aandachtspunten: zoals clothing advice or travel directions.

Screenshot of the customer page

Send invoice

It is extremely easy to send out an involve from Recras and impossible to forget. Recras will, by means of a blue button, always give a signal if there is a booking that has not yet been invoiced or has not been fully invoiced. Suppose that after the invoice has already been sent there are changes that affect the total amount, then Recras will automatically inform you again to also invoice the remaining amount. You can also setup Recras to automatically send an invoice as soon as the customer has accepted an offer online. The invoice is send in just one click!

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

With the steps below you can experience for yourself how easily you can process a request with a quote / invoice:

Send yourself a quotation in just a few steps

  • Go to
  • Book a package
  • Go to and login.
  • On the homepage you will see a link to your own booking
  • Click on the customer
  • Below you will see colored buttons, you can click on of these buttons to send out the quotation.

Interessante links in de demo omgeving

Interested in Recras?

Are you interested in Recras and do you want to know what Recras can do for your company? Please let us know!