Tour trough the staff planning in Recras

Staff planning

Staff planning can be done entirely in Recras. Staff members can login to see exactly what they need to doe. There is no need for extensive consulting since everyone is aware of their tasks.

Our vision on staff planning

The way the staff planning is integrated into Recras is created by the following vision we have on staff planning:

  • Responsibility has to go for the most part to the staff member. Recras will take over parts of staff management.
  • Stimulate independence of staff members.
  • Recras must take care of the fact that there is always enough staff present. This will give peace and quiet.

The staff planning

For staff planning Recras has created a clear overview. This contains:

  • Bookings on which staff needs to be planned
  • Locations on which staff needs to be planned
  • Individual shifts
  • Staff members

By using the correct filters you will always have a clear overview in you staff planning even if there are over 100 staff members.

Screenshot of the staff planning

Creating the planning

In Recras you can manually add your planning. If there is catering staff member and a host for your guests you can structurally add them in you planning. Recras has also the functionality to automatically generate the shifts based on de number of visitors. When you work with groups this van be really helpful. Recras will show you exactly how many staff is needed so you do not have to worry about being understaffed.

Automated shifts will be generated based on qualifications. Qualifications determine what needs to be done. Some examples are:

  • Group supervisor
  • Instructor
  • Catering assistant

In Recras you can setup how many staff with a certain qualification is needed per X amount of visitors. In this way you will always plan the right number of staff members with the correct skills.

Screenshot  of the Staff Qualification Matrix

Tools for staff

You can let the staff login to Recras, here they will see only the things that are relevant to them. It is possible to create several user roles. Staff can see and do among other things:

  • Add availability .
  • See the correct instructions (always up to date)
  • Register worked hours

Add availability

Staff can easily add their availability in Recras. This makes it much easier for the staff planner to find available staff.

Staff can easily add their availability in a calendar

The correct work instruction

In each product in Recras you can give staff instructions. This will make sure that staff can give clear instructions. This will improve the quality of your organization without it costing you an extra workload. Here are some examples of things that can be added to the staff instruction:

  • What does staff need to prepare before a booking
  • A link to the website so staff can see what package is booked
  • What can never be forgotten in an instruction concerning safety
  • How te divide groups

Good personnel instructions contribute to independent staff and staff who feel responsible. The evening before staff starts working they can already read into the shift that they are going have the next day.

It is also possible to give the staff the permission to read all correspondence you had with the customer and the details of the customer. In this way the staff member is even beter prepared.Especially when it comes to custom packages this will ensure that staff is much more capable of handeling the booking independent.

Register your own hours

In Recras staff can register their own worked hours. When the end time of a shifts van fluctuate it is wise to let the staff be responsible for this.This will take away this administrative tasks from the manager.

Complete overviews

Within Recras it is possible to acces directly the needed overviews. For example the overview for the total worked hours of the past month of a specific employer can be opened in a few clicks.

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

Doing the staff planning extensively can be a bit more of a challenge but in the demo you can check the following:

Interested in Recras?

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