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Recras, the booking system for Rental companies.

Let Recras take care of all your rentals, material management and administration

How does booking at a rental company work with Recras?

Recras knows exactly about your supply and the rates that are set. With Recras your customers can book and pay directly, but an application for a custom quotation is no problem at all either. Recras will make sure that everything is set in place and will create an invoice or give you an alert when a quotation is asked for, in which case you can easily create a custom package together with the wishes of your customer and send out the quotation with one mouse click.

Why you would prefer to work with Recras when managing a rental company

Whether you rent out boats, bicycles, or bouncy houses; it is always important that everything is available online and that your material management is always up to date. This way you can always rent out your full capacity and never have to sell no when you should not or deal with over bookings. Recras lets your customers make reservations online. They either pay online immediately, at your reception or afterwords. Quotations and invoices will be generated automatically. It could be that you also have other activities next to your rental or have other up selling opportunities. All these things can be added in Recras and are available for your quotations and website.

An all in one solution for the recreational branche

Customers will be reminded automatically about made reservations. You don’t need to do anything on that behalf and your customers will get extra excited when receiving the email. Recras has an integrated POS. With the POS all activities, food, and drinks can be added to the current booking and invoice. In this way everything is always complete and you prevent cash difference. The reservation system can also automatically add attachments like directions or your terms and conditions.

A day in the life of a Recras user

You rent our boats and have some small boats and some big sailing ships. The small boats are available for groups and do not need any staff to join. The big sailing ships always need to have staff on board. It is Thursday morning and there is a nice and warm weekend coming up. You receive a phone call from a group of friends, this group of 12 ladies would like to sail next weekend. You immediately see in the planning that there are only large ships available, you discuss the details with the customer and send them a custom quotation which they confirm instantly. At the moment the booking is confirmed in Recras will ask you to adjust the staff planning for the upcoming weekend.