Reservations system for trampoline parks

Recras, the booking system for trampoline parks

Let your trampoline park tickets and other activities be bookable easy and simple with Recras.

How does booking a trampoline park ticket with Recras work?

Since Recras works with pre filled start moments you can always sell the correct amount of tickets online and at a POS, you can work up to your full capacity. Overbookings now belong to the past.

Why you would prefer to work with Recras when managing a trampoline park.

With a trampoline park you want to be able to be fast and flexible based on the amount of guests. You don’t want to sell too many tickets and you want to have the availability visible. All your tickets can be sold really fast online and via the POS. The occupancy rate is always up to date and staff will be planned while taking the qualifications into account. Invoices will be created automatically and a quotation is sent with one mouse click. After a busy season you want your statistics and overviews available to have better insight to anticipate even better in the next season and see in one view how you are performing.

Recras is integrated with your website so your tickets and packages are available to anyone everywhere and can be paid online immediately.
The smartly designed booking system will guide your customer through a few easy steps in the menu. When you customer logs in they will always see the latest information because the booking system is always up to date. It is also no longer needed to use a separate calendar or agenda, pick up the phone or answer emails. As of then most parts will be automated.

Recras is integrated with your website so your tickets and packages are available to anyone everywhere and can be paid online immediately.

Customers will be reminded automatically about made reservations. You don’t need to do anything on that behalf and your customers will get extra excited when receiving the email. Recras has an integrated POS. With the POS all activities, food, and drinks can be added to the current booking and invoice. In this way everything is always complete and you prevent cash difference. The reservation system can also automatically add attachments like directions or your terms and conditions.

A day in the life of a Recras user

Klanten worden volledig automatisch herinnerd aan gemaakte reserveringen. Hier heb je zelf geen omkijken meer naar. Bovendien verhoogt het ontvangen van deze e-mail de voorpret bij je klant! Recras beschikt over een geïntegreerd kassasysteem. Hiermee kunnen activiteiten, hapjes en drankjes direct worden toegevoegd aan de bestaande boekingen en worden meegenomen op een algehele factuur. Zo heb je altijd alles compleet en voorkom je kasverschil. Ook zorgt het online reserveringssysteem ervoor dat je altijd de juiste bijlage meestuurt, zoals bijvoorbeeld een routebeschrijving of algemene voorwaarden.