Reservations system for outdoor climbing parks

Recras, the booking system for climbing parks

Let your climbing tickets and other activities be bookable easy and simple with Recras.

How does booking a climbing park ticket with Recras work?

Since Recras works with pre filled start moments you can always sell the correct amount of tickets online and at a POS, you can work up to your full capacity. Overbookings now belong to the past.

Why you would prefer to work with Recras when managing a climbing park.

In the Netherlands where Recras is based, most climbing parks already use Recras. In other countries there are more and more climbing parks that are joining Recras. Our system perfectly fits the needs of a climbing park entrepreneur. All your tickets and activities can be booked online extremely fast and 24 hours a day. Quotations for groups can be sent custom made and with only a few mouse clicks. Staff planning makes sure that this is always covered and takes in account that there might be specific qualifications needed.

The smartly designed booking system will guide your customer through the menu in a few easy steps. When you customer logs in they will always see the latest information because the booking system is always up to date. It is also no longer needed to use a separate calendar or agenda, pick up the phone, or answer emails. As of then most parts will be automated.

An all in one solution for the recreational branche

Customers will be reminded automatically about made reservations. You don’t need to do anything on that behalf and your customers will get extra excited when receiving the email. Recras has an integrated POS. With the POS all activities, food, and drinks can be added to the current booking and invoice. This way everything is always complete and you prevent cash difference. The reservation system can also automatically add attachments like directions or your terms and conditions.

A day in the life of a Recras user

Your climbing park just opened after the winter period and you get a booking request from your website. A company wants to come over for a teambuilding day. They have some additional requests added to their application. You see this request on you Recras homepage and the booking is already pre filled. You can add the additional requests to the booking and the quotation can be send with one mouse click.
The customer agrees with the quotation and visits your park on a nice warm day in the spring. Recras informs you that your staff planning needs to be adjusted for that day and with a few clicks the staff planning is filled. Since it is a nice spring day there is a big queue of enthusiastic climbers at the front desk. There is a limited number of climbing belts but Recras knows exactly at what times the belts are available so there can be no overbookings and you don’t need to say no if this is not needed.

While you watch your guests enjoying themselves on that nice spring day, Recras is working in the background, serving your guests for the upcoming season that want to come climbing.