An honest subscription form, without any hassle.

Our Promises

  • No entry fee.

    There are no added costs for registering with Recras. In fact, we guide you step by step in the process of designing your Recras during our free online consultations.

  • Discount of 30%.

    Do your monthly costs exceed €400? We will give you a discount of 30% on all subscription costs above this amount of €400!

  • Growing together.

    Is your business growing? Then you will pay a bit more for Recras. But when times are tough, your fee will drop. Seems fair, right?

  • Pay only for active users.

    We think it is unfair to pay for any inactive users. That is why at Recras you only pay for users that have actually logged in during the last month.

  • Monthly fees distributed evenly.

    For the monthly subscription fee, the average monthly booking value (revenue) excluding VAT of the past 12 months is taken into account. This helps to avoid big differences in payments between busy and rather quiet months.

  • No notice period.

    This promise will most likely never become an issue, but it is still nice to know that we do not have any notice period. Do you want to cancel your subscription for any reason whatsoever? You can do so immediately and without any added expense.

The monthly costs of a Recras subscription consist of 3 components:

€ 25

fixed expenses


of the average monthly booking value (revenue) excluding VAT of the last 12 months

€ 3

 for each user that has signed in during the last month

Enter your annual revenue and estimated number of users below and check out your monthly costs!

Monthly costs