Easy automation

With Zapier it is possible to connect different online programs with each other. With a so called Zap, Zapier is sharing information between different programs. A Zap is being activated by a ‘trigger’ and activates an action in the same or a in a different program.

What can the Recras Zap do for you?

Supported triggers

The Zapier integration supports the following triggers:

New Contact
As soon as a new contact is created. This can be linked to Mailchimp for example. If a new contact is created, add the email address to Mailchimp.

New Invoice
As soon as there is a new invoice created in Recras. In this way you can link Recras with your accounting software. Your accounting software should be in Zapier for this to work. Sometimes it is not possible to link two applications directly but a Zap can be used as an intermediate step. You can create the Zap as followed: When a new invoice is created in Recras, send an email to a certain email address of your accounting software. When your accounting software has this functionality it is still possible to make this work via Zapier even though they might not be officially supported.

New Booking
As soon as there is a new booking there will be added a trigger. This way you can add, for example, a message in chat service Slack that a booking is created, or add an appointment in your agenda.

New Startmoment
As soon as a new start moment is created. This is used for example by a large nature organisation that offers excursions. As soon as a start moment that can be booked online is added to Recras a staff shift is created. In this way all staff can be planned far in advance.

Supported actions

The Zapier integration of Recras supports the following actions:

Create Booking
This can create a booking in Recras. When another booking system is used to make a booking in your organisation, the booking can be created in Reras as well. We do not have any current examples for this but it works and can be useful.

Submit Contact Form
In this way a Google spreadsheet can be linked to Recras. A lot of bookings can be added to Recras at once using this method. The Zap will create a contact form with all correct data as soon as there is a new line in the Google spreadsheet.

Create a shift

As mentioned before, shifts can be created automatically in Recras. This can be done with start moments but also with a Google spreadsheet. Especially when start moments are different every day this workflow can save a lot of time.

Recras related matters

From the bookings overview an iCal can be created which you can also link to Zapier. This way it is even proven possible to link to a thermostat system. Exactly 3 hours before a group is booked the heating goes to 20 degrees Celsius.

More information?


Creating a Zapier account is free but if you want to use more complicated Zaps or do a lot of Zaps every month then there could be additional costs.
Vier the Zapier cost overview here.

Use the Recras Zap

To use the Recras Zap you need to create an account first and try it out to get the hang of it.

Click here to use the Recras Zapier or look at some examples:

If you have any wishes regarding Zapier that we are not currently supporting yet please let us know. We are always open for some feedback to expand the possibilities with Zapier since there are so many possibilities.