Recras Implementations

To integrate an extensive software programme like Recras you need an instruction manual. On this page, we first give important integration information for recreation entrepreneurs. After that there is a technical explanation for developers on how Recras can be integrated.

Information for recreation entrepreneurs

What can be implemented?

Not just online booking (and paying) can be integrated from Recras onto your website. On top of that, there are contact forms, products (activities), packages, prices, availability, and vouchers.

It is also possible to integrate your phone book, you can keep track of conversions using Google Analytics, and you can connect a receipt printer to your Recras POS.

Who can help me with this integration?

By using the manuals, examples, and tips on this page recreation entrepreneurs that have experience with WordPress can successfully integrate Recras using our WordPress plugin. There are more ways to integrate parts of Recras into your website. If you would rather have this done by a third party, or do you want to use a different type of integration, or do you need technical help when designing booking propositions? The following (Dutch) parties can help you. Through the years we have come in contact with various companies and we have excellent experiences with the following companies:

WordPress integration API integration Design of PDF templates (CSS)
Bloei media RAADHUIS Exigent
IMAGO Social Brothers RAADHUIS
Exigent IMAGO Social Brothers

Information for developers

What can be integrated?

The following parts of Recras can be integrated with a website:

  • Online booking and payments
  • Contact forms
  • Products (Activities)
  • Packages
  • Prices
  • Availability
  • Voucher sales

How can this be implemented?

There are four ways of integrating Recras with your website. These ways are listed below using an example. The order is the popularity of each method under our users.

The WordPress plugin

Example integration using the WordPress plugin

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for websites. Using our own WordPress plugin you can easily link Recras to your website. Integrated parts can be shown in the layout and style of your own website. An example integration of a package and corresponding contact form from one of your clients shows a good example:


You can also choose to place an iframe on your website. Using this you can show contact forms, voucher sales, and online bookings. You can use your corporate identity if you like.

On the Support page of this website, planning a consult is done using an integrated iframe.

A link to an external Recras page

By placing a link to an external page, you can add links to:

  • A contact form
  • A online bookable package or all packages

Example integration of an external booking page


Using our API you can perfectly integrated all parts in your website. A capable website builder that knows programming is needed for this.

Example integration using the API

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Use of custom CSS on the website makes it possible (among others) to show the availability calendar in the same style as the rest of the website. After creating these styles, they can be entered in Recras via Settings → heading Other → Other settings → Custom CSS.

If fully adjusting the CSS is too much work, but you still want your iframes to integrate better, you can put the following line in your CSS:

body { background: transparent; }

In the CSS for PDF templates you can determine how texts, tables, etc. should be shown. Using our manual and your own knowledge you can fully customise what your PDF templates should look like.