Reservation system for indoor playgrounds

You can sell and pay for tickets online or at the entrance. Recras monitors your capacity and using Recras you can work with starting blocks.

The advantages of our reservation system

  • Ticket sales on your website with online payment

    Your guests can buy tickets directly on your website and pay online, you can also setup that guest pay at your location.

  • Fast quotes and confirmations

    Custom quotes for children’s and family parties can be sent in a flash; completely in your own house style.

  • Integrated point of sale

    The integrated POS system allows you to book and pay for both your tickets and hospitality directly in Recras.

  • Built-in material and location management

    Because Recras knows exactly how much capacity there is per location, you can always set a maximum number of visitors per time slot.

  • All in one system

    Recras automates your entire business. From quotes to online bookings and from business statistics to staff scheduling.

  • Business statistics at your fingertips

    Recras gives you an immediate and clear overview of your business statistics and results. If you want to dive deeper into your statistics, the possibilities are practically endless.

Automate your indoor playground with Recras

Interested in our system?

Are you interested in our reservation system or would you like to know what Recras can do for you? Let us know!