Het Team

Hilko Kooistra


Hilko will gladly answer all you Recras related questions

Sander de Jong


Sander likes to be involved in Recras’ lay-out and interaction. In this process, his mission is to make the daily use of the programme as pleasant as possible.

Harrie Kerssies


Harrie is always looking for ways to simplify company operations and to increase the profitability of your organization. He happily takes a look at your design together and gives advice on how to organize Recras as efficiently as possible!

Marthijn Wolting


Nobody in the world is more excited than Marthijn when it comes to Recras. Do you want to know exactly what Recras could do for your company? Marthijn will tell you all about it!

Tijmen Klein


From the very first lines up until today’s version: Tijmen’s passion for automation means he keeps on searching for ways to improve Recras each and every day!