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Today the entirely renewed statistics module of Recras has been launched. The module will give you a clear view on the performances of your recreation company at the click of a few buttons. Compare your performances to those in the same period last year and learn from your successes and mistakes. 

By: Tijmen Klein | 14-11-2017.

In our new statistics module you decide which data you want to show, and how to show it! The invoiced amount per year or perhaps the number of visitors per week: the sky is the limit! With our clever filters and various grouping options, you’re in control of your own company.

For example, in the graph above, the number of visitors per month from 2014 till 2016 is shown. Not based on the date the booking took place, but the date on which the booking was made. This way you quickly see when you registered how many reservations, and how you ran compared to subsequent years. All data can be viewed directly as a graph and saved as an image or PDF!

It’s even possible to combine multiple variables in 1 graph. Above you see the example of a graph where the invoiced amount and the purchased price are combined for an overview of the two per day.

The following data can be used when designing graphs and tables:

  • Invoiced Amount (excl. and incl. vat)
  • Amount to be invoiced (excl. and incl. vat)
  • Visitors
  • Bookings
  • Booked Products
  • Staff costs (based on planned/recorded hours)
  • Planned and Recorded hours of staff members
  • Purchase costs of products

For each of these data, you could apply specific filters (on booking statuses for example) and date selections.

We’re curious as to how you are planning on using this module. Which new conclusions will you be able to draw based on your company statistics? If you’re not using Recras yet, but want to learn more about these statistics, feel free to contact us for a free presentation!