Using Recras

gives you the time

to do what you like

Complete all in one system

Recras is a complete administration and booking system for the recreation industry.


  • Default packages

    You can create default packages in Recras that can be converted into a quotation or booking confirmation. These default packages can be presented on your website using our API.

  • Reminders

    Reminders related to options, reservations, and payments are all handled automatically.

  • Quick quotations

    Creating and sending a quotation or booking confirmation is possible within 3 minutes.

  • Online system

    Since Recras is an online system you can log in everywhere to access your information. This way you always work with the most recent data and you know immediately if a booking is possible.

  • Customer data

    The customer data, bookings, and correspondence are arranged neatly next to each other. Emails sent from Recras are listed here automatically.

  • Enter all data only once at most

    Because of smart links in the system the correct information is synchronized. Changes are therefore implemented everywhere.


The monthly costs of a Recras subscription consist of 3 components:

€ 25

fixed costs


of the average monthly booking value (revenue) excluding VAT of the last 12 months

€ 3

 per user that logged in during the last month

Example 1

€ 34 /month

€ 15.000 invoices per year
1 user

Example 2

€ 99 /month

€ 120.000 invoices per year
8 users

Example 3

€ 258 /month

€ 400.000 invoices per year
22 users